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Introducing Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company

Discussion in 'Fishing Guides' started by Doctrout, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Doctrout

    Doctrout Official Blogger

    Mar 15, 2013
    Lenoir, N.C.
    Hello Folks,

    My name is Bill Bernhardt and I am the owner of and guide and instructor for Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company and you will find my web site located at North Carolina Fly Fishing Guide Trips & Fly Fishing Instruction. In addition, I am located in Lenoir, N.C. at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on the eastern face of the Eastern Continental Divide. Consequently, Lenoir averages about 60 inches of rainfall per year which nearly qualifies us as a Temperate Rain Forest (requires a minimum of 79 inches per year) and thus we literally have some of the best trout fishing in the United Sates and certainly some of the best in the southeast.

    Also, unlike most guides, I specialize in running guided, instructional, fly fishing trips for novice fly fishermen and guided back-country fly fishing trips for experienced fly fishermen. In addition, I also run overnight kayak fly fishing or light spin tackle fishing trips for Smallmouth Bass on the North Carolina section of the New River.

    Last, I am a professional outdoor writer and I am an official contributor to the new, online, fly fishing magazine Southern Trout (Southern Trout - Distilling southern trout fishing since 1959) which is the only fly fishing magazine in existence that focuses specifically on fly fishing for Trout and Smallmouth Bass here in the southeast. So, if you have seen this publication yet, then I urge you to visit the website where you will find many informative fly fishing articles.


    Bill Bernhardt
    Guide & Instructor
    Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company
    North Carolina Fly Fishing Guide Trips & Fly Fishing Instruction

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